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What’s New Ransom has a new book! The Left Brain Speaks The Right Brain Laughs: A look at the neuroscience of innovation & creativity in art, science, & life  uses irreverence, wisecracks, and a physicist’s eye for scientific accuracy to convey what makes us all tick and how we can tick better. With as little jargon as possible, each chapter builds a background for the reader to understand the interplay between what we too often think of as separate topics. Starting with a new and improved left-brain/right-brain oversimplification, each chapter investigates the interactions of seemingly distinct concepts, building to a working understanding of creativity in art and science. Understand the relationships between o Talent & Skill o Intelligence & intuition o Analysis & Creativity o neuroaesthetics and the quirks of value all building to understand how we can improve our innovative prowess whether for debugging technology, inventing disruptive tech, writing novels, or brewing the ideal beer. Get it here
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Advance to higher rates with training from experts in signal integrity, debug, and test: Get up to date in high speed tech: PAM4, COM, ICN, eTJ, eBUJ ... Jitter analysis essentials for signal integrity engineers Advanced crosstalk and peak distortion analysis Advance to the Edge: 56G design, compliance, and debug Basic signal and power Integrity for Circuit Design and many more Technical Marketing: Every year surveys show that white papers and educational content have the greatest influence on high tech purchases. Buyers rate well-written, high educational quality content as “very” or “extremely” important at 80+% Less than 40% of high-tech marketing currently meets the needs of potential buyers. We call it engineering education, you call it technical marketing. White papers, application notes, webinars, lunch-n-learn presentations, trade magazine articles, blogs, posters, seminars, and sponsored training. Feature your technology in content that teaches your customers how to get the most from you! We collaborate with you in a relentless pursuit for results. Customized training for your needs Technical marketing content that generates strategic sales Decisive 3rd party analysis and verification Assure that you don’t get left behind by key industry standards In 11+ years we’ve o never gone over budget o never missed a deadline. Find solutions to your most challenging problems: Jitter, noise, BER analysis PAM4, crosstalk, ISI, equalization, COM High Speed Serial Standards Topics from science to help you get an edge o Innovation emerges when techniques from one field are brought to another. Since 2005, Ransom Stephens, Ph.D., has been helping engineers advance to the highest data rates through a combination of training, seminars, and articles as well as sponsored white papers and application notes. Who is this guy with the funny name?