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EDN’s Eye On Standards Articles by Ransom Stephens, Ph.D., on the state of high data rate technology. (Sponsored by United Business Media, LLC)
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Partial list of sponsored White papers, Application Notes, and Feature Articles by Ransom Stephens: Physical Layer Tests of 100 Gb/s Communications Systems, Application Note published and distributed by Tektronix Corp., 2015. Jitter analysis on Oscilloscopes and BERTs, White paper published and distributed by Anritsu Corp., 2014. Crosstalk problems are back, feature article for Test & Measurement World, July, 2012. Crossing the Digital-Analog Divide, a white paper for Agilent Technologies, 2012. Critical 100 Gigabit Ethernet Testing: Equalization, Dp-QPSK, and Crosstalk Compliance, a webinar and App Note for Picosecond Pulse Labs, 2012. Introduction to Precision Analysis of High Speed Serial Systems and Components, a webinar and Tech Note for Picosecond Pulse Labs, 2011. Signal Integrity Analysis at Extreme Data Rates - focusing on 100 Gb Ethernet to see where we're headed and what we need to anticipate, a White Paper written for Anritsu, 2010. (Winner of the 2010 DesignCon Best Paper Award) A new Technique for Stessed Receiver Tolerance Testing Using Crest Factor Emulation, with John Calvin, DesignCon 2010. Analysis of Random Noise and the Effect of Band-Limited Noise on Stressed-Eye Receiver Tolerance Tests - with Marcus Mueller, DesignCon 2009. Characterization of Gaussian Noise Sources - with Bob Muro, NoiseCom, DesignCon 2008. The Future of Multi-Clock Systems - with Roman Boroditsky and Juan Gomez of NEL, DesignCon2008; also available as a White Paper for NEL Frequency Controls, Inc., 2007. Using Clock Jitter Analysis to Reduce BER in Serial Data Applications - an Application Note written without a byline for Agilent Technologies, 2006. Anticipating, Characterizing, and Avoiding Problems with Crosstalk - presented at DesignCon in 2006. Equalization: The Correction and Analysis of Degraded Signals - a white paper written with a byline for Agilent Technologies. See also, Opening Closed Eyes: Analysis and Equalization of High Data Rate Signals on Buses and Backplanes - presented at DesignCon2006. The Rules of Jitter Analysis - originally published in the online trade magazine, AnalogZone for Agilent Technologies in 2004. Jitter Analysis: The dual-Dirac model, RJ/DJ, and Q-scale - a white paper for Agilent Technologies that is the paper most frequently referenced on dual-Dirac and Q-scale by standards groups and other authors. Comparison of Different Jitter Analysis Techniques with a Precision Jitter Transmitter - white paper describing the results of the study led by Ransom for Agilent Technologies to determine the accuracy of different jitter analysis methods; and Jitter Analysis: What Works, What Doesn’t, and Why - a web- seminar presented live that set and attendance record for Agilent Technologies with over 600 viewers when delivered live and a total of over 2000 viewers including the archived broadcast. Analyzing Jitter at High Data Rates - published in IEEE Optical Communications. Measurement of Total Jitter at Low Probability Levels Using the Optimized BERT Scan Method - with Marcus Mueller and Russ McHugh of Agilent Technologies - this paper presented a new technique invented by Ransom that reduced test time by a factor of ten with improved accuracy and won a DesignCon paper award. Precision Jitter Transmitter - an application note written with Jim Stimple of Agilent Technologies, documents the most accurate jitter transmitter every made - developed in a project conceived and led by Ransom. Back to Basics in Optical Technology - a day-long seminar created by Ransom and delivered coast-to-coast at the sites of Agilent Technologies’ customers. Knowledge Series sponsored by Tektronix Instruments: Answering Next-Gen Serial Challenges How Stressing a Receiver Removes Stress from a Designer The Case of the Closing Eye Acting on an Impulse: Equalization and Emphasis “Jitter 360” - sponsored by Tektronix, 2005-2006 (download the whole series here): The Meaning of Total Jitter What the Dual-Dirac Model is and What it is Not All About the Acronyms: RJ, DJ, DDJ, ISI, DCD, ... Jitter Analysis in Systems with Crosstalk Clock Recovery in Serial-Data Systems Reference Clock Jitter and Data Jitter
The most cited references in high speed technology
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